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A DAO to fight COV-19

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Collab 19

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How we built Collab19.

Collab19 was built as in an effort to create a better paradigm for fundraising and distribution.

In early March, members of MetaCartel, Abridged and Aragon got together to create a solution to quickly and transparently distribute resources to communities acutely affected by COVid-19. We wanted to develop the easiest way to empower any group of people to collect and distribute resources in channels where coordination already happens.

We first began with a governance token using Uniswap, but quickly recognized the need for a more user-friendly and less plutocratic platform. In response, we created Collab19 using the user-friendly Abridged platform, Aragon templates, and Wyre. This system allows anyone, including non-crypto users, to join a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), donate funds into the DAO, and then decide as a group how to allocate those funds, all without ever leaving Telegram.

The problem with philanthropy today.

“Big philanthropy is often an exercise of power, the conversion of private assets into public influence. And it is a form of power that is largely unaccountable, often perpetual, and lavishly tax-advantaged… Charity, it turns out, does surprisingly little to provide for those in need and sometimes worsens inequality.” – review of Just Giving by Rob Reich

DAOs are online organizations that provide a way for people to coordinate collective resources in a transparent way.

What is Collab19?

Collab 19 is a DAO built on top of Ethereum that fights COVid-19.

Why a DAO?

By creating a decentralized autonomous organizataion (DAO) people from all over the world can come together to fight COVid-19. The Collab19 DAO created a democratic system of participation for anyone who has onboarded via the Collab19_bot interface to vote and democratically decide on how to best distribute funds to people in need.

How can you help?

Join the DAO to help decide which charities to donate to!


📢 Twitter Announcement - tweetstorm explaining Collab19.
📃 Forum - learn about the structure of Collab19 and about the projects that may receive funding.
🤖 DAO Page - the Collab19 DAO is built on an operating system called Aragon. See the interface that monitors proposals, membership, and fund distribution here!
💬 Public Community Chat - drop in, say hi, and help us fight COVid-19!